Baby Food

  • Baby food can be purchased from Teashop, Knapford station café, First and last coffee stop and Mrs Kyndley’s kitchen.
  • Normal milk can be purchased at Teashop, CN Cafe, Knapford station café and Cafeteria.
  • You can heat baby food at any of the following food places: Cedar fish and chips, CN Cafe, Teashop, Chicken Diner, Safari Pizza and Pasta, Burger Kitchen, Mrs Kindley’s Kitchen, Knapford station Café and Crankey’s Kiosk.

Nursing Mums & Baby Changing

  • Baby changing facilities can be found in all of our toilet facilities.
  • Nursing Mothers and Baby Changing facilities are located in Thomas Land (which has a private room available for nursing mothers). Also in toilets near Safari Pizza and Pasta restaurant.
  • Nappies and other essential baby care items can be purchased from the Toy Shop which is conveniently located in the centre of the park.

Lost Children

  • Lost children will be taken to Guest Services (opposite the Bounty Pirate Ship) where they will be looked after by the Guest Services staff until they are re-united with their parents.
  • Free Child ID stickers are available from Guest Services. Simply pop your mobile number on the sticker and stick it to the back of your child. Tell your child that if they get lost they can approach a member of staff, who will take the child to Guest Services.

Wheelchair and children’s buggy hire

  • Children’s buggies are available from our wheelchair and buggy hire station at the main gate on a first come, first serve basis. Wheelchairs are available on the day on a first come first served basis or can be pre-booked through the call centre on 0844 472 1960. Please note that a hire charge of £6 applies and a refundable deposit of £10 is required per wheelchair / children’s buggy.

No smoking

  • We are obliged to enforce the no smoking law which forbids smoking in covered areas. This includes toilets, restaurants, shops and queue lines and the whole of Thomas Land. 

Make the most of your day

  • Between rides don’t forget to visit our live shows which take place during the day  in the 6 week holiday period
  • Nobody under the age of 12 years will be admitted to the park unless they are accompanied by an adult who is 18 years or over.
  • Restaurants will get busy between 12 – 2pm, so if you can plan to eat earlier or later. That way you can be doing things whilst others are eating!
  • Brought your own food? We have plenty of benches and areas for you to use throughout the park.
  • Our zoo is a fantastic place to visit and is home to a wide variety of rare and endangered species. Make sure you find time to bring your little monkeys to see ours.
  • Before going on one of our water rides why not buy a splash mac from one of our shops? these can be purchased from the Dolphin Shop next to Stormforce 10 
  • Thomas's friend Spencer has his very own activity park (outdoor play area) which is located in the Zoo next to Farmer McColls Farm. You can get to this by walking through the zoo or by riding on Thomas or Percy from Thomas Land.
  • Make your day more memorable by taking home some ride photography or by making a visit to our souvenir shops.
  • On hot days please make sure that you all keep hydrated and don’t forget to apply that sunscreen.
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