Conservation at Drayton Manor

While working hard to conserve endangered species worldwide it is easy to over look what's on our own doorstep. Here at Drayton we have projects aiming to conserve the biodiversity of the local area.

Without regular maintenance woodlands can deteriorate and lead to limited biodiversity. Many native species can be lost to poor woodland maintenance such as overcrowding trees; leading to light reduction.

"The Project"

Team members from the zoo department are currently involved in restoring 40 acres of beautiful land on the outskirts of the Drayton estate. The mixed habitat land contains ponds, streams, woodland and meadow areas.

The team have put together a management plan for the piece of land that will:

  • Help restore the woodland.
  • Create a suitable habitat for Hazel dormice and Great crested newts
  • Establish a wildflower meadow.

Work is currently underway with the aid of volunteers from the community. The team have started the project in the woodland. This includes:

  • Removing and thinning trees to allow room for a wide range of species to develop
  • Controlling invasive species
  • Restoration of woodland pools
  • Planting native wildflowers
  • Wildlife surveying

The team have been lucky enough to have observed evidence of a number of visitors to the area: A large range of butterflies and moths, a wide range of bird species and several species of bat. There is also evidence of deer, stoats, foxes and some resident badgers.

 Final Goal

To provide a beautiful and tranquil recreational wildlife area. This area will contain pathways, information signs and wildlife hides. It will be ideal for students, school groups and the public looking to study and enjoy wildlife. We hope to hold public events including: tree planting, bird watching, bug hunting, bat and moth nights and guided walks. 

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