Enrichment at Drayton Manor

In the wild animals spend most of their days finding food, building shelter and defending their territories.

In zoo's, keepers provide them with the best environment possible, all the food they need and ensure that they are safe. To provide the highest standards of animal care we also have an environmental enrichment program.

Environmental enrichment enhances the animal enclosures to stimulate occupants to investigate, interact, hunt and display a wide range of natural behaviours. There are many ways that our keepers achieve this:

Food: Using food to encourage natural behaviours is the most recognised form of enrichment. For example hiding food around the enclosures or inside boxes are both simple ideas.

Sensory: Using the five senses; sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. Our keepers enjoying adding new smells, such as spice pastes, to enclosures and watching the animals investigate.

Novel Objects: Anything that is new to the enclosure. This can be as simple as a new branch or at Christmas one of our keepers put in a paper mache snowman into the reindeer which they had great fun bashing up.

Enrichment of the month!

As part of the park's three monthly enrichment competition our cat keeper added scratch posts and climbing logs for our playful leopards.

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