Enrichment at Drayton Manor

Environmental enrichment is given to animals as a way of providing and increasing the stimuli of their environment for the animal to express natural species specific behaviour in captivity. Enrichment allows the animal to exercise, explore their enclosure and to enhance their well-being.
Enrichment can be in form of the following:
Food related: Using food to encourage natural behaviours is the most recognised form of enrichment. For example hiding food around the enclosures or inside boxes are both simple ideas.
Sensory: Using the five senses; sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. A common sensory enrichment is a sack filled with hay that has been scented with a perfume which is very popular with our Black Leopards!
Novel Objects: Anything that is new to the enclosure. This can be as simple as a new branch or hammock. Novel objects can also be linked with food enrichment such as meat inside a filled sack or cardboard box.

Most popular enrichment at the Zoo

This is Zuri enjoying ripping apart a paper sack filled with straw which smells of the Tapirs!

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