Calling all amateur photographers, snappers and shutterbugs!

Do you have a Digital SLR camera? A passion for nature? Always wanted to try your hand at wildlife photography?
DRAYTON MANOR ZOO has teamed up with ROB PRICE PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIOS to bring you an experience you’re not likely to forget!
New for 2013, Now is your chance to finally get up close to the fascinating wildlife at DRAYTON MANOR ZOO and partake in our WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY DSLR COURSE.
And lots, lots more!
Plenty of opportunity to flex your shutter-finger and create some outstanding images.

Day includes:

- Admission to the Zoo
- Exclusive, up close access not available to the public
- A full day course with both classroom and practical sessions.
- Expert assistance and advice from your tutor.
What will you need?
  • A digital SLR. We wont be using compacts on this course so bring along your DSLR and camera manual.
  • Don’t forget Lenses! For wildlife photography we’re going to be getting close, but not invading the animals space. That’s why you’ll need a telephoto lens (i.e. anything with a focal length of 100-400 mm) If you’ve got a macro lens (something good for close up photography) then bring that too!
  • A camera bag, you’ll be taking your equipment around with you so make sure you’ve got something to hold it all.
  • A tripod. This is a must for when you’re working at longer distances or for darker environments such as the reptile house.
  • A raincoat/waterproof, in case it gets rainy
15% on any lens hire with no deposit required!
Need any equipment? We’ve teamed up with the guys at THE FLASH CENTRE in Birmingham to get you some great deals and discounts on equipment hire. No need to pick it up! It’ll be there ready and waiting for you on the day!

Check out what they’ve got for you at

Phone 01827 314347 or 01827 230333 to book your place now!
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