IUCN red list status:
Least Concern

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Cut-Throat Finch

About the Cut-Throat Finch

The cut-throat finch, also known as the bearded finch, is a small bird species that is found widely across Africa. As the name would suggest, these birds are often known by their plumage description, as they have a bright red band on their throats which adds to their beauty. This red band can only be found on the males as the females lack this, making it easy to differentiate between either sex.

Cut-throat finch birds inhabit high treetops and are seen in flocks that can be small or large. They are most commonly found near trees and bushes with ample water around them.

Did you know?

You can visually distinguish between males and females, as males are the only sex to retain the bright red band stretching from ear-coverts to throat, hence the name Cut-throat.