IUCN red list status:
Least Concern

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Double-barred Finch

About the Double-barred Finch

As its name suggests, the Double-barred Finch has two narrow, black bars which extend across its otherwise white front — one goes across its breast and the other across the lower portion of its throat. Juveniles are similar in pattern but dirtier grey. In the wild they are seen typically in pairs or small groups feeding on the ground. 

Double-Barred Finchs are native residents of Australia, and their established habitat is near watercourses. They can be found living in dry savannahs, open woodlands, shrublands, open forests, and farmlands. This bird is known to have a seed and grass-based diet, but they also consume live food like mealworms, termites, and fly pupa during the breeding season.

Did you know?

Double Barred Finches are recognisable by their owl-like faces – they have white faces outlined in a darker colour, similar to a barn owl.