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Dusky Pademelon

About the Dusky Pademelon

Dusky Pademelons are a species of marsupial native to forests of the island of New Guinea, and are also known as dusky wallabies. They have large ears to listen for predators, strong hind legs and a short thick tail for balance. 

They are foragers, feeding on the undergrowth of lowland forests and in clearings, eating grass, leaves, shoots, and fruits. They have been observed to graze in clearings and at the forest’s edge under the cover of night.

ICUN Status: Vulnerable due to habitat loss, as well as being hunted for their meat. It’s thought that their population has decreased by 30% in the last 15-20 years.

Did you know?

Pademelons are neither kangaroos or wallabies. They do, however, all belong to the marsupial family, rearing their young in a pouch.