IUCN red list status:
Least Concern

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Heck's Finch

About the Heck's Finch

The Heck’s Finch is native to Australian. This finch usually has a silver-grey head with a rose brown body. The bird has a black eye mask reaching from the beak to the eye, and a black bib under the beak and covering the breast area. The rump is white with a black band above, black and white tail feathers, red beak and red legs. 

Males are typically larger, have a wider bib and more intense colouration on of the beak. These Finchs live in open grasslands interspersed by lightly timbered areas. They mainly eat seeds and grasses, occasionally insects, depending on what they can find.

Did you know?

They’re sociable birds and will often flock in thousands during extended drought.