IUCN red list status:
Least Concern

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Snowy-Crowned Robin-Chat

About the Snowy-Crowned Robin-Chat

The Snowy-Crowned Robin-Chat has a black face and a white crown. The colour of the back varies geographically from slate-grey to black. Like a typical robin-chat, the tail has a dark centre and orange sides. Found in forest, woodland, thickets, and gardens, usually in the understory. The pretty song is highly variable, including a variety of whistled calls and sometimes imitations of other bird species. 

This bird is an African endemic with a range that stretches from south central Mauritania and Sierra Leone east, to Sudan and western Ethiopia. Populations also exist in Gabon, south through the Republic of the Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Angola. It mostly inhabits subtropical or tropical dry or moist lowland forests, as well as moist savanna.

Did you know?

Members of the Old World fly-catching family, they are great singers and will often mimic other birds’ songs within their own fluttery sound, such as the Cuckoo Hawk, Greater Honeyguide and Black Scimitarbill to name a few. They’re very similar and often mistaken for the White-crowned Robin-chat that also inhabits Africa.