IUCN red list status:
Least Concern

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Star Finch

About the Star Finch

The Star Finch has a bright red face, which extends past the cheeks in males. The overal body colour is an olive green with a beige-yellow underbelly. Tiny white star like dots cover the crown of the head circling around the outer edge of the eyes to the cheeks, and extending from the chin to the chest. Both sexes have red beaks and dark eyes.

Although the Finch is usually peaceful, it may become defensive of its nest during the breeding season. The hen will lay 4-5 eggs, with both parents incubating the eggs for 12-13 days. The Star Finch forages for seeds and grasses, occasionally eating insects as well.

Did you know?

Star Finch’s are highly social, active birds and will live in medium to large flocks of up to 20 birds.