IUCN red list status:
Critically Endangered

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Swift Parakeet

About the Swift Parakeet

The Swift Parakeet is a slim, medium-sized parrot with a streamlined shape in flight, angular pointed wings and a long pointed purple-red tail. The body is mostly bright green, with a dark blue patch on the crown. The female is slightly duller, with a creamy underwing bar. 

The Swift Parrot is found only in south-eastern Australia, breeding in Tasmania. They are found in dry sclerophyll forests and woodlands, suburban parks and gardens and flowering fruit trees. Swift Parrots feed in the outer canopy of flowering eucalypts, eating mainly nectar, as well as some psyllids and lerps, seeds and flowers. They are active and agile when feeding, often hanging upside down!

Did you know?

There was estimated to be fewer than 2000 mature individuals remaining in the wild as of 2011. In 2014, researchers from the Australian National University say that the species may face extinction by 2031 due to predation and loss of habitat.