Is it even possible to have a relaxed experience when visiting a theme park with a toddler in tow?  When you take two children, surely there are bound to me some meltdowns and frazzled parenting moments?  Well it turns out it really does not have to be like that and I recently put Drayton Manor’s Parent and Toddler ticket experience to the test to see how we all got on.

I set up the most challenging of circumstances to really see if a good day out with small children was possible.  The day before our visit to Drayton Manor and Thomas Land I had returned from a holiday.  For lots of reasons that I won’t go into right now I was a little on the tired side, but I also hadn’t seen the girls for 4 days, so a day out seemed like the perfect way to catch up with them.

I was also a solo parent for the day as Daddy was at work.  It was just me at the mercy of a two and four-year-old.  There was a part of me that thought, ‘are you actually crazy?’ but I have always liked a challenge. The weather was also on our side, which I think was a good sign.

The girls bubbled with excitement as soon as they saw the Thomas Land sign and I drove towards the car park.  This route is very familiar to them now and Drayton Manor and Thomas Land is without a doubt one of their favourite places.  It’s certainly one of mine too for a family day out, and I am delighted that we are ambassadors for the park for a second year running.

The girls and I had such a lovely day out together.  We were able to get on so many more rides than when we go on when visiting at a weekend or during a school holiday, as there were no queues what so ever.  The longest we had to wait at any time was a few minutes.  It’s a perfect day out for younger children who just don’t understand waiting.  Do your kids ever walk up to a queue, and then just keep going to the front?  Mine do it all the time!  Those kind of issues were just so much easier to deal with as they could see they were going to be on the ride in no time.

Drayton Manor and Thomas Land is always such a great day out for lots of other reasons too.  We really enjoy the variety of the rides they have.  So much thought and imagination has gone into making the park a good experience for families.  They provide so many rides, especially in Thomas Land and they have made sure that lots of them are accessible for all ages.

I can’t stress enough that all children will enjoy a day out at Thomas Land.  If your child is a Thomas the Tank Engine fan, perfect!  If they aren’t they will still have an amazing day here.  The zoo is amazing, and you have to stop by the new Tamarin Trail and see the gorgeous little monkeys.  We also saw a pregnant crocodile in the reptile house.  We always say hello to the meerkats, they are one of our favourite animals at the moment.  Not forgetting the 4D cinema experience either, featuring Yogi Bear, which is also awesome.

While you have the flexibility of not having a child in school please go and have at least one day out at Drayton Manor and Thomas Land.  The parent and toddler ticket is such a bargain at just £20 and is available during Staffordshire school term time either online or at the gate.  You and your child are guaranteed a fun and relaxed day out with lots of happy memories to take home.

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