Twenty years after it first launched to bloodcurdling screams from visitors, Drayton Manor Park has unveiled a new and improved version of The Haunting.

Since 1996, The Haunting has scared visitors young and old, who love exploring the intriguing world of the paranormal. The newly renovated and enhanced attraction will take visitors on a tour of their senses; seeing, smelling, feeling, hearing and even brushing up against slimy and revolting things with its spine-chilling interactive activities.

The Haunting is based on the legend of an old vicarage located on the Drayton Manor estate where the sudden passing of the vicar led to a series of strange circumstances and unexplainable events.

In the previous iteration of The Haunting, visitors were invited into the spooky vicarage in order to locate people who had gone missing. The new story takes places 20 years later, where after two decades of neglect and abandonment, a company known as Research into Paranormal Activity (RIPA) was called in to resolve the mystery once and for all.

RIPA, a group made up of young scientists at the forefront of metaphysical research, proceeded to set up a series of experiments at the vicarage. After weeks of investigating and analysing test results, they realised that almost everyone entering the vicarage was experiencing different sightings, symptoms and feelings.

Upon entering The Haunting, members of the public become volunteers of RIPA’s experiment and will be asked to report their findings at the end of the experience. This will provide RIPA with valuable data for its research.

The Haunting’s refresh is aimed at keeping up with the times and appealing to a new generation of visitors. To this end, Drayton Manor Park has also invested in better special effects and technology in order to scare even the bravest of souls.

“We are excited to mark the 20th anniversary of The Haunting with an upgrade and a facelift. The newly enhanced attraction will offer courageous visitors a completely immersive and collaborative experience. This will no doubt address the desires of today’s theme park and haunted house aficionados who want to be a part of the thrill-generating process,” said William Bryan, Managing Director of Drayton Manor Park.

“As someone who has been here since it opened its doors to the public, I am honoured and excited to be a part of the launch of the bigger and better The Haunting. I really hope that The Haunting will continue to create scary yet wonderful memories for current and future generation of visitors to Drayton Manor Park,” said Keith ‘Beefy’ Whitefoot, Ride Manager and long-time employee of the park.

The 2016 season runs until 28th October. For further information about Drayton Manor Park or to pre-book discounted entry tickets visit or call 0844 472 1950.