The third Sunday in July is celebrated in America for being National Ice Cream Day – a date you don’t want to forget!

To join in the fun during July, here at Drayton Manor we wanted to cool down this summer and tell you about some seriously cool ice cream facts and things you didn’t know about this delicious summer treat!


  • It’s not just the Americans who celebrate their love of ice cream! Here in the UK, you can celebrate National Ice Cream Month for the whole of July. That’s a total of 31 days to join in the celebrations and the perfect excuse to eat as much ice cream as you want!


  • In Hawaii, there’s a fruit called the ‘ice cream bean,’ that tastes exactly like vanilla ice cream!


  • ‘Brain Freeze’ actually has nothing to do with your brain freezing at all! It happens when cold sensations, like ice cream, touch the roof of your mouth causing blood vessels in your head to dilate.


  • One cow can produce enough milk in her lifetime to produce 9,000 gallons of ice cream!


  • Believe it or not, air is a vital ingredient when it comes to making ice cream. Without it, the ice cream would completely freeze and wouldn’t consist of the creamy, smooth texture that we all love.


  • The Guinness World Record for holding the most ice cream on an ice cream cone is currently held by Ashrita Furman. In 2013, he managed to heap an incredible 100 scoops on a single cone!


  • On average, it takes just 50 licks to finish a single cone ice cream!


  • If you’re an ice cream lover, then this fact is for you! Did you know that the average American eats 26 litres (45.8 pints) of ice cream a year?


  • On 28th June 2014, the largest scoop of strawberry ice cream was created in Wisconsin, USA. It measured 5’6” tall, 6’2” wide and weighed 1365kg – the same weight as a female hippo!


  • Vanilla is the most popular flavour of ice cream, although some more modern flavours include: Bakewell tart, Ferrero Rocher and Espresso.


  • The tallest ice cream was created in Norway in 2015 and stood 10ft tall!


  • In the running with peanuts, 100s and thousands and raspberry sauce, chocolate syrup is the most popular ice cream topping.


Here at Drayton Manor, we asked our catering department a few questions to get our own scoop on this popular summer treat:


  • The most popular ice cream sold in the park is a Mr Whippy with a Flake, closely followed by the refreshing Twister ice cream.
  • It’s not just the most popular in America, but here at Drayton Manor Park, the most popular flavour sold is Vanilla (with Mint Choc Chip close behind!)
  • Last year, Drayton Manor Park got through 38,856 of Mr Whippy ice cream cones!
  • In total, 75,346 scoops of ice cream were sold here at Drayton Manor Park last year!


So, if all these facts have got you craving some seriously cool ice cream, why not take a trip to Drayton Manor’s ice station and try out some of our refreshing slush flavours?  Enjoy an ice cream topped with a flake, or on top of a delicious waffle from our Fun Food outlet. Whatever flavour you like most, keep cool and have fun during your summer day out at Drayton Manor Park.