It’s very mundane to hold all board meetings in the boardroom. So to breakaway, it was decided that the only way to truly experience the brand new VertiGO attraction was to harness up and hold that important meeting right up there on the ropes.

Fully briefed, the board felt that a sunny Sunday morning was the perfect time to climb high and enjoy some time on the ropes.

Jayden and Zane, being slightly smaller in stature, did need a little support from a handy adult colleague, who of course was happy to oblige and attend the board meeting as well, hoping to hear some of the upcoming plans for the park.

Isabelle Lillie Grimes: ‘Super fun day! Thank you’

Haydar and Jessie felt that he was the one to lead the way and was first up to the top level of the attraction, enjoying the Sky Rail before the rest.

It was a big thumbs up from the child board, VertiGO is a hit and they couldn’t encourage people enough to give it a go, especially if it meant getting mum and dad up in the air as well.

The next board meeting is planned to be a brain storm of how many donuts is too many to eat before attempting to ride Cranky Crane 10 times.