It’s all monkey business at Drayton Manor Zoo now that Snarfy, the resident Black-headed Spider Monkey, has been joined by not one, but three fun-loving ladies in a bid to encourage breeding amongst this critically endangered species*.

Snarfy can’t believe his luck now that his new female companions Lizzy, Luna and Maya have moved in. Carefully selected for their genetic potential, the cheeky monkeys were introduced at Drayton Manor Zoo earlier this season and are now thriving under the careful watch of the award-winning conservation team.

Although Black-headed Spider Monkey males are usually more dominant than their other halves, Lizzy, Luna and Maya have been showing Snarfy who’s boss and he’s been enjoying every minute of it! Since coming together the group have been delighting visitors and animal welfare experts alike as they have settled in to their new life together with minimal fuss.

Chris Mitchell, Zoo Manager at Drayton Manor Park, said: “We absolutely adore our troop of Black-headed Spider Monkeys and we’re thrilled at how happily Snarfy has taken to life with Lizzy, Luna and Maya. He’s very comfortable being the only male in the group and has quickly realised he’s not in charge!

“We know how important this group are to the rest of their species and conservation is at the heart of everything we do. Our visitors will love this group and hopefully we can expect some babies in the near future!”

Black-headed Spider Monkeys are very social animals that spend the majority of their time in the trees. They swing on all four of their legs and walk along branches in an upright position. These monkeys in particular are excellent leapers, reaching lengths of 9m!

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*Seriously threatened by deforestation and hunting, Black-headed Spider Monkeys are classed as Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List.