This year Drayton Manor Park are hosting a brand new Coaster Club this summer, where participants can learn fascinating and fun facts about Coasters. If you are aged between 8 – 12 years old and want to learn all about how coasters work, make sure you are available on Monday 8th August, Saturday 24th September or Sunday 25th September and book your place now!

The highlights for you to experience are; exclusive ride time on Ben 10, learning all about how rides work and how to create your own roller coaster concept and idea.

Furthermore, you can learn fun facts like;

1.How the world’s first tubular steel roller coaster was built in 1959 and was called the Matterhorn Bobsled in Disneyland, California.

2.How the world’s oldest operating coaster is “Leap-The-Dips” at Lakemont park in Pennsylvania and opened in 1902.

3.The world’s tallest roller coaster is Kingda Ka in New Jearney, USA and reaches an eye watering 456ft high.

4.How most roller coasters rely on the natural force of Gravity in order for them to work.

And finally, how roller coasters are designed by a team of people and look at all aspects of the ride from theme and branding to track layout and queue design.

You can also take part in Drayton’s engineering tour and get ideas for your own ride design, as well as being part of creating a new concept for a roller coaster and complete a K’nex Building Challenge in groups.

This is a fantastic opportunity for children who are enthusiastic about Ride Engineering and have a passion for learning everything about how rides operate.

For more information and to book your child’s place at this fantastic Coaster Club, visit this website page now.