The board meeting took place on National Ice Cream day, Sunday 17th July, so what better excuse to test the best flavours and come up with some new ones for the park.

After an intense brainstorming session, producing the important decisions based on ice cream size and flavour for the park this summer, the board came to the decision that their original thought of a wheelbarrow of ice cream was the best idea.

However, there was a little confusion that the board members didn’t quite foresee. Upon demanding their wheelbarrow of ice cream they didn’t stipulate the size and therefore their dream was short-lived when a miniature wheelbarrow, big enough for one scoop was presented to them.

Oh well, the board meeting was still successful with over 10 scoops eaten, jelly beans tested, toppings discussed and a full summer ice cream plan put into immediate affect by the new Drayton Manor Park Child Board.

Zane Colt Taylor ‘Another awesome board meeting, thanks DMP’

The board were very impressed to hear the latest ice cream stats from the park with over 75,346 scoops of ice cream having been sold over the past year, helping to fill over 8,226 waffle cones.

Make sure you visit Drayton Manor Park this summer and sample the Mr Whippy ice at Fun Foods or a scoop or two at AJ’s.

On the agenda for the next board meeting, the children list a visit to VertiGO – to make sure it’s a suitable new addition to the park. Furthermore, a complete testing of the new menu in The Grill Inn, is also on as a top priority item, as there have been reports that the Triple Stacked Burger isn’t quite big enough…