Red Panda

We all know Red Pandas as adorably fluffy creatures who like to munch on sweet potato and bamboo. But, did you know? The Red Panda are an endangered species due to habitat destruction in the Eastern Himalayan broadleaf forests they live in. There may be as few as 2,500 Red Pandas remaining in the wild. Upsetting, right?

That’s where the Red Panda Network come in. They are committed to the conservation of wild Red Pandas and their habitat through the education and empowerment of local communities. Here at Drayton Manor, we support this fantastic charity in every way we can. Over the last few years, we have fundraised an incredible £4297 for the worthy cause.

Here are a couple of Red Panda fun facts:

  • 95% of their diet is bamboo, the other 5% consists of eggs, berries and insects. Although classified as a carnivore, Red Pandas rarely eat meat.
  • Red pandas are not related to giant pandas and were discovered 50 years earlier!
  • The red fur matches the moss found on the trees where they live. The black on their stomach makes it difficult for predators to spot them looking up into the trees.
  • Like Giant Pandas, Red Pandas have an extra “thumb,” which is an enlarged bone for grabbing bamboo stems and tree branches.
  • Red Panda’s spend 55% of their day sleeping.

For more information and ways to help this wonderful species, please follow the link: