4D Cinema

4D Cinema

In his pursuit of being really useful for a big celebration on Sodor, Thomas is covered in a mysterious oily liquid. He is in too much of a hurry to be cleaned and soon he’s slipping wildly out of control. When he crashes into an old mine, Thomas is in for the ride of his life! Join Thomas & Friends in this thrilling 4D adventure.

Get close to the action as characters leap out of the screen, drawing you into an unforgettably exciting, hilarious, and thrilling adventure that will have you on the edge of your seat. Our amazing 3D film will captivate the whole family, young and old, while a whole range of special effects bring you right into the action. 

You'll be amazed by loads more incredible effects as you experience the power of 4D cinema. You'll even feel like you're part of the action with our amazing moving seats! Take a fun break from the rides with Drayton Manor's very own 4D cinema.


Year of opening: 2009

Height restrictions graphic Height Restrictions: Children under 1.0m must be accompanied by an adult.
Recent surgery or existing conditions Heart Problems Back or Neck problems History of frequent headaches
No expectant mothers Fear of the dark Motion sickness Bright orange strobe lighting logo

Disability access can be found via the entrance.

Seats are available where guests can remain seated in their wheelchairs. Static chairs can be provided for pregnant guests or anybody that may be of a nervous disposition or if they have any other medical problems that may be affected by the moving seats.