Drunken Barrels

Drunken Barrels is an exciting twist on a true family favourite - the teacup ride. Climb into one of our Drunken Barrels, take a seat, and experience a fast-spinning adventure. Both the ride platform and the barrel spin around, leaving you truly dizzy!

This popular ride, which seats up to six people in each barrel, is great fun for the whole family. You won't know which way is up as our fast-spinning ride whirls you around - but you will want to experience it again and again!


Year of opening: 2006
Maximum Ride Capacity: 72 (12 barrels of 6)

Minimum height restriction graphic Height Restrictions: Minimum height of 1.1m 
No expectant mothers Red stethoscope inside a circle with a small red cross next to it. A red heart which has begun to be torn at the top No neck or back problems graphic
High Blood Pressure Circulatory Problems No plaster casts Motion sickness graphic
No smoking symbol which features a cigarette inside a circle with a diagonal line through it. No food and drink