The only X-Car coaster in the UK, the G Force roller coaster at Drayton Manor is a ride that’s been designed to push your body to new limits as you’re suspended upside down. The ride was opened by the band G4 in 2005 and boasts 3 inversions in a rare roller coaster element: a Bent Cuban Eight. 

G Force uses a unique inverted chain lift, similar to a standard vertical loop, meaning that when you reach the top, you'll be fully upside-down, ready and waiting for the ride of your life! Be prepared to scream as you accelerate round twists, turns and thrilling loops, riding the third X-Car coast to be built in the entire world!



Year of opening: 2005 

Height of Ride: 82 ft (25 m)

Speed: 43.5 mph (70.0 km/h)

Duration: 0:45


Height Restrictions: Minimum height of 1.35m and maximum height of 2m.