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The only X-Car coaster in the UK, the G Force roller coaster at Drayton Manor is a ride that’s been designed to push your body to new limits as you’re suspended upside down. The ride was opened by the band G4 in 2005 and boasts 3 inversions in a rare roller coaster element: a Bent Cuban Eight. 

G Force uses a unique inverted chain lift, similar to a standard vertical loop, meaning that when you reach the top, you'll be fully upside-down, ready and waiting for the ride of your life! Be prepared to scream as you accelerate round twists, turns and thrilling loops, riding the third X-Car coast to be built in the entire world!


One complete leg with foot and the other leg must be to at least the knee. At least one full arm with hand. All prosthetics must be removed. 


Year of opening: 2005 

Height of Ride: 82 ft (25 m)

Speed: 43.5 mph (70.0 km/h)

Duration: 0:45


Minimum height graphic Height Restrictions: Minimum height of 1.35m and maximum height of 2m.  
No expectant mothers A red heart where the top has begun to be torn
Graphic of an injured red man with his arm in a sling. There is a red cross in a circle next to the image of the man. No back or neck problems graphic Red burger and drinks cup inside a circle with a cross next to them.
No smoking symbol which features a cigarette inside a circle with a diagonal line through it. An orange man in a circle, he appears to be leaning
Motion sickness graphic