Secondary School and College Business Workshops

1 hour workshops, max group size may apply.

All talks are interactive, involving several group tasks to help engage students.

Drayton Manor Park as a Business

 Session covers:

  • Basic background info on the business
  • Mission statement, vision, values & objectives
  • Organizational structure & functional areas
  • Recruitment & selection process incl. interviews & training
  • Marketing department & campaigns
  •  Advertising methods 
  • Customer types and characteristics
  • Customer satisfaction and expectations
  • Conducting market research and its importance

Customer Service

Session covers:

  • Background of the business
  • Mission statement, values, vision and organisational structure
  • Who are the CS team, and what are the limits of authority?
  • What is customer service and why customer service is important?
  • Internal customer service
  • External Customer service, who are our Customers?
  • How we ensure good customer service
  • Customer types and characteristics
  • Market research
  • Meeting and exceeding customer needs & expectations
  • Customers with special requirements
  • Impact of technology
  • Handling customer complaints
  • Improving our business based on customer feedback


Session covers:

  • Basic background information on the business
  • Mission statement & objectives
  • Competitors
  • Marketing campaigns & strategies
  • Market research & customer expectations
  • Attracting customers - Promotional and advertising methods
  • Impact of technology and the importance of digital advertising
  • Marketing Mix (4 P’s)
  • Retaining customers/Customer loyalty
  • Product life cycle
  • SWOT and PEST (additional if requested, other content will be removed)

Marketing and Customer Service 

Session covers:

  • Background of the business
  • Mission Statement and objectives
  • Marketing objectives
  • Competitors
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Attracting customers-advertising methods
  • Product and market orientation
  • Who are our customers?
  • Customer types and characteristics
  • Customer demands and expectations
  • Market research
  • Why is customer service important and responding to feedback
  • Remaining successful as a business

Human Resources

Session covers:

  •  Basic background info on the business
  •  Mission statement & objectives
  • Difference between seasonal and permanent staff
  • Role of HR Department
  • Recruitment and selection process
  • Applications and Interviews
  • Training and Motivating the team
  • Maintaining standards – monitoring & disciplinary procedures

 ICT at Drayton Manor

Session covers:

  • Basic background info on the business
  • Mission statement & objectives
  • Role of ICT department
  • Information systems in the park: ticket and till systems
  • Website design & maintenance
  • Graphic design OR Park network (teacher picks)
  • ICT use on the rides-PLCs

Finance at Drayton Manor 

Session covers:

  • Basic background info on the business
  • Setting the annual park budget
  • Funding capital projects e.g. new rides
  • Where do we get our finance from?
  • Profit and loss accounts
  • Balance sheets
  • How we do our cash flow forecasting
  • Break even analysis
  • The process of buying goods
  • A look at our documentation: purchase order, purchase invoice, delivery note, goods received note, credit note and supplier statements

Ride Mechanics

​Session covers: We can tailor slightly to focus more on engineering or physics. Engineering sessions go into more detail of the mechanical systems.

  • Kinetic & potential energy on rollercoasters and rides
  • G forces (only in physics focused sessions)
  • Rollercoaster: chain lift mechanism, planetary gearing in reduction gear boxes, safety features
  • Rollercoaster: friction brakes & fail safe pneumatic RAM vs eddy-current magnetic brakes
  • Rollercoaster wheels: how do they work?
  • Safety Harnesses
  • How rides are controlled by PLC systems
  • Apocalypse operation: winch drum with counter weight, hydraulic RAMs
  • Air race operation: slew rings and pinion gears
  • Centrifugal and centripetal forces (only in physics focused sessions)

Sustainability and Land Use

Session covers:

  • Mission statement and organizational structure
  • The Peel Estate
  • Restoring Drayton Manor’s land
  • Early years of Drayton Manor Park
  • Ride and rollercoaster history
  • Recent and future changes at Drayton Manor
  • Sustainability and the impacts of tourism
  • Drayton Manor and being green
  • Sustainability of our business as a tourist attraction

During our peak month of July, we do not recommend booking a 1 hour workshop due to the issues of time students spend queuing for rides and also the heat as a distraction in sessions. Instead we have 30-minute snapshot sessions that give the students a brief outline of information.

Please enquire for subjects covered and for more information by clicking here