Easy Access Information

We offer an 'Easier Access System' to anyone that has difficulty waiting or accessing the attractions via the conventional queuing system with a registered disability. I must stress however that this system is to provide easier access rather than faster access so there may still be an element of waiting time during busy periods.

As well as the wristband the service user will also be issued with a carer card that will enable them to take a maximum of 4 carers up through the exits of 10 attractions of your choice, unfortunately the maximum number of 4 carers cannot be exceeded in any circumstances due to health and safety restrictions imposed on our ride exits.

Each time this card is used Drayton Manor Park staff will be required to hole punch one of the boxes. Please note if an attraction is re-ridden this will result in 2 boxes being  hole punched, this card can only be used by the carers when  accompanying a service user on to an attraction providing that he/she is wearing their access band, the user of the service must be riding the attraction for the carer to gain access via the exit.

When you arrive at the park your band and carer card can be collected from the Guest Services Department on production of a valid current form of one of the following, a D.L.A form, a Doctors or Hospital diagnosis letter on official letterhead or a 'Blue Badge' from your car if you have one for your registered disability. 
(Please be aware if you are not a U.K resident you will need a copy of your own countries equivalent). 

Please note that due to systematic abuse of our Easier Access system if you are unable to present one of these forms of I.D within Guest Services you may be refused use of this system.