Zoo Keeper for the Day.

Would you like to learn what it’s really like to be Zoo Keeper or maybe you’d like to purchase this incredibly unusual gift for family or friends? 

As a Zoo Keeper for the Day you will take part in all the activities required of our experienced Zoo team, and spend the day with the team all day. The package includes a full itinerary giving an insight into the different sections in the Zoo. Please click here to see the itinerary.

This is an open- ended ticket that must be pre-booked into a specific date before arriving at the park.

Zoo Keeper for the Day is just £100 per person 

This experience is open to one person on their own per day (available Mondays and Fridays when the theme park is open). The activities will involve getting stuck in, which means you may get a little closer than you considered to all things smelly and therefore we always advise to wear appropriate clothing and footwear even though we will be providing you with our EXCLUSIVE Zoo Keeper for the Day overalls to use for the day. There are strict Health & Safety restrictions in place for this package so please click here to read them all before you purchase.

After you’ve purchased your open-ended package below you will have 12 months to book into an available Monday or Friday.

Please ensure you read all terms and conditions before purchasing this package, click here to read.


Important Information

Booking Process

Please purchase your open-ended package online now and then when you have decided which date you would like to partake in please call 01827 287979 to book your day. The Zoo Keeper for the Day package is only available on Mondays and Fridays that the park is open. Your package is only valid for 12 months after purchase so remember to book it in subject to availability. This package must be pre-booked for a specific date before arrival and cannot be upgraded on the day.

What is included in the experience?

Each Zoo Keeper for the Day will have a fun filled day of Zoo Keeping with our professional Zoo Keeping team. They will get a personalised certificate and goody bag to remember their day with us and this is presented after the day is completed.

When is the experience available?

We offer our Zoo Keeper for the Day experience on Monday or Friday when our park is open, when you purchase your open-ended ticket you will be prompted to call and book your date.  

Who can partake in the experience?

The Zoo Keeper for the Day experience is open to anyone over the age of 18 years. However, there are strict Health & Safety restrictions which can be read by clicking here please be aware that you must adhere to these restrictions and unfortunately if you don’t , this may mean that you cannot partake in this experience on the day.

We also advise that all participants are immunised against tetanus at the time of taking part

If any additional family or friends would like to join you for the day these tickets will need to be booked through our regular channels and no discount is offered. Please note that there will be areas and activities that the additional guests will not be allowed.

Click here to read all terms and conditions.