Black-Cheeked Lovebird

Agapornis nigrigenis

Did you know?

These birds are monogamous, meaning they mate for life, hence their name ‘love birds’

Home: Endemic to southwest Zambia.

Diet: In the wild they primarily eat annual grass seeds and seeds from herbs and crops. They have also been observed eating invertebrates, nectar and lichen.

Lifestyle: They inhabit deciduous woodland with a permanent water source as they require daily access to water. In the dry season they have been known to form flocks of 800 or more birds.

Young: In the wild, breeding season coincides with the annual maximum rainfall, pairs usually raise one clutch of about 3-8 eggs. They roost in naturally forming cavities in live mopane trees.

Lifespan: 10-20 years. 

Conservation Status: Vulnerable, populations decreasing due to habitat loss, hunting and trapping. Most birds however now live in protected nature reserves and there is an action plan in place to help them.