Casque-headed Iguana

Laemanctus serratus

Did you know?

There are two species of Casque-headed Iguana; L.longipes and L.serratus.  You can distinguish between the two species as L.longipes is much smaller, and lacks the spiny crown on the helmet and along the spine that is characteristic of this species.  This species change colour depending on temperature, from bright green to brown.

Home: Belize; Honduras; Mexico.

Diet: Insectivorous.

Lifestyle: Diurnal and arboreal inhabiting heavy tropical forests, rarely leaving the trees, usually only descending to the ground to bury their eggs.

Young: Lays 3-5 eggs, around two clutches per season with an incubation period of 52-56 days.

Lifespan: 7 years.

Conservation Status: Least Concern, however is found in the pet trade.

Casque Headed Iguana