Emerald Tree Boa

Corallus caninus

Did you know?

Emerald Tree Boas are a great example of convergent evolution, meaning the process whereby different species will evolve similar traits because of having to adapt to similar environments.  Emerald Tree Boas from South American Amazonian rainforests are strikingly convergent with Green Tree Pythons, which live thousands of miles away in similar environments in Indonesia.  Both snakes live within the tree canopy, are similar in colour, and have offspring which are born brightly coloured.

Home: Rainforests of Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname and northern Brazil within South American Basin.

Diet: Lizards, birds and small mammals.

Lifestyle: Residing amongst wet lowland rainforest canopy, and are largely arboreal, rarely coming down to ground level.  They’re opportunistic ambush feeders hunting by night remaining frozen in a classic ‘S’ shaped position. 

Young: Around 3-8 live-young are born green, red, orange or a combination of all the colours, but will usually turn to the bright green of the adult within 6 months. The offspring can hunt and eat almost immediately after birth.

Lifespan: 20 years.

Conservation Status: Not evaluated, not considered threatened.

Emerald Tree Boa