Flame Bellied Zonure

Smaug mossambicus

Did you know?

These lizards appear almost identical to another related lizard, the Regal Zonure. You can identify male Flame bellies by their black throat and chin, whereas male Regals have a yellow chin. Males are dark brown or black with bright orange undersides and black throats, whereas females and juveniles are dark brown with orange and black mottles on the lower jaws and throat.

Home: Small areas of Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

Diet: Insectivorous; small insects favouring grasshoppers and beetles.

Lifestyle: This species prefers large rocky outcrops in savannah and will use the crevices for shade and to avoid predators.

Young: Females gives birth to 3-5 young.

Lifespan: 15-20 years in captivity.

Conservation Status: Has yet to be evaluated, however the species is threatened by habitat loss and pet trade.

Flame Bellied Zonure