Green Anaconda

Eunectes murinus​

Did you know?

This non-venomous species has one of the largest girths of any snake, with records measuring up to 75cm circumference, and is certainly the heaviest of snakes.  On average, females are much larger than males, measuring up to 6m.

Home: South America.

Diet: Carnivorous; preying on fish, birds, mammals and reptiles, detecting prey through both sight and smell, but also possessing the ability to sense heat emitted from prey. 

Lifestyle: Semi-aquatic, spending most of their time in or around swamps, marshes and streams.

Young: Ovoviviparous, producing up to 80 live offspring in shallow water.

Lifespan: 30 years.

Conservation Status: Yet to be evaluated.  This species face several threats such as hunting for skins, pet trade, killed to protect local livestock, pets and even people.  Habitat loss and destruction are major threats as unbelievably, the rainforest is disappearing at the rate of one and a half acres per second!

Animal Profile

House Name Anna
Age 22 years old (1995)
Sex Female
Place of Birth Drayton Manor
Arrival at DMP N/A
Personal Fact Loves spending time in the water

Green Anaconda