Green-crested Lizard

Bronchocela cristatella

Did you know?

Green-crested Lizards can readily and rapidly change their natural body colour from bright green to darker brown, to camouflage themselves against predators.  If spotted, they will remain motionless to avoid detection, or swiftly disappear into the vegetation or forest floor.

Home: Southeast Asia.

Diet: Insectivorous; beetles, flies, ants.

Lifestyle: Diurnal and arboreal species, residing within forests, parks and rural areas, often and swiftly running up and down tree trunks and forest floors.

Young: Females lay 1-2 eggs which she will bury in soil.  Incubation period is around 60-70 days.

Lifespan: 10 years.

Conservation Status:  Not yet evaluated.

Green Crested Lizard