Jamaican Anole

Anolis grahami

Did you know?

The Jamaican Anole has been known to be called the world’s most beautiful Anole and is sometimes referred to as the American Chameleon.  This species can rapidly change to a variety of colours, known as metachrosis, and has a bright orange dewlap (a flap of skin which they can fan out under their chin).

Home: Jamaica, and introduced to Bermuda.

Diet: Insects, nectar and some fruits.

Lifestyle: Arboreal, often found in the uppermost branches of trees, or occasionally found in grazed pastures, well-watered shady gardens and amongst coastal growth. 

Young: 10 eggs laid per breeding season, covered under substrate often inside crevices or decomposing logs.

Lifespan: 2-8 years.

Conservation Status: Least Concern.

Jamaican Anole