Jamaican Boa

Epicrates subflavus

Did you know?

Jamaican Boas, also known as Yellow Snakes on the Jamaican Island, are a non-venomous species and are the largest terrestrial snake found in Jamaica. 

Home: Jamaica.

Diet: Small mammals, birds, frogs and bats.

Lifestyle: Residing within tropical rainforest, plantations, and wetlands, Jamaican Boas will bask in the early morning to increase body temperature, and will spend most of the day hidden away in dense vegetation or tree holes, rock crevices or burrows.  Mostly nocturnal, they’ll reside within the tree canopy remaining still, ready to ambush unsuspecting prey.

Young: Females bear live young.  Females can produce more than 40 young a time.

Lifespan: 30 years.

Conservation Status: Vulnerable. Threatened by habitat loss and predation by intrusive species.

Breeding Programme: This species is part of EAZA’s European Breeding Programme.

Animal profle

House Name Joe
Age 6 years old (2011)
Sex Male
Place of Birth Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park
Arrival at DMP May 2011 from Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park
Personal Fact Enjoys exploring at night

Jamaican Boa