Red-footed Tortoise

Chelonoidis carbonaria

Did you know?

These are one of the smartest tortoises and can even be trained! You can distinguish between males and females by the shape of their shell; from above, male shells are shaped like a peanut whereas females’ shells are round.

Home: South America and introduced to Caribbean Islands of Trinidad and Barbados.

Diet: Omnivorous; leaves, grasses, fungi, fruits and flowers. Occasionally small invertebrates, and carrion; including bones.

Lifestyle: Terrestrial, preferring humid forests but are also found amongst other dry forests, grasslands and savannas.

Young: Females lay around 3 clutches of approximately 5-15 eggs in nests buried under leaf litter. After 4-6 months, hatchlings will emerge from the nest, fully independent receiving no protection from their parents.

Lifespan: 50 years or more.

Conservation Status: Not evaluated. Threats includes habitat destruction, pet trade and hunted for meat.

Animal Profiles

House Name       Kelly
Age 13 years old (2004)
Sex                       Female
Place of Birth Drayton Manor
Arrival at DMP N/A
Personal Fact      Loves watching the public walk by


House Name  Keenan
Age 13 years old (2004)
Sex Male
Place of Birth Drayton Manor
Arrival at DMP N/A
Personal Fact Loves to eat Dandelion leaves


Red-Footed Tortoise