Red-tailed Racer

Gonyosoma oxycephalum

Did you know?

Red-tailed Racers, also known as Red-tailed Green Rat Snakes, are a non-venomous species of rat snake, however, they’re largely arboreal, and will often raid birds’ nests, as they are a large part of their diet. If threatened, these snakes will inflate their body making themselves appear larger and more threatening to a predator.

Home: Southeast Asia.

Diet: Carnivorous; preying on birds, rodents and lizards. A Red-Tailed Racer will catch birds mid-air whilst it positions itself amongst the branches.

Lifestyle:  Arboreal snake residing in forest, plantations, and rural gardens, spending most of their time in trees and bushes. 

Young:  Females will lay between 5-12 eggs; incubation period is around 16 weeks.  

Lifespan: 20 years.

Conservation Status: Least Concern, however their population is decreasing as they’re harvested heavily for skin and meat.

Red-Tailed Racer