Rhinoceros Iguana

Cyclura cornuta

Did you know?

Their ‘horn’ outgrowth at the end of their snout aren’t actually horns, but enlarged bony scales.This species is much more territorial than Green Iguanas. 

Home: Dominican Republic; Haiti.

Diet: Herbivorous; fruit, leaves, and flowers.

Lifestyle: They’re diurnal, resting amongst rock crevices, burrows, caves and hollow tree trunks during the night or the heat of the day.

Young:  Males demonstrate an elaborate courtship dance which includes head-bobbing and erecting the spines along their back. Females lay between 2-34 eggs and will guard the nest site for several days.

Lifespan: 20 years or more.

Conservation Status: Vulnerable.

Breeding Programme: This species is a member of EAZA’s European Breeding Programme.

Rhinoceros Iguana