Yellow-Margined Box Turtle

Cuora flavomarginata

Did you know?

These are truly beautiful turtles with a bright yellow head and a pale-yellow line extending along the middle of the shell and possess yellow or ivory lines around the edge.  Box Turtles have a hinge that enables them to close their shells tightly to keep predators out.

Home: China; Japan & Taiwan.

Diet: Omnivorous; snails, slugs, worms, berries, leaves.

Lifestyle: Semi-aquatic but mainly terrestrial, residing in moist forest floors close to shallow water such as paddy fields.  Mainly active at night, hides amongst leaf litter and fallen wood during the day.  During winter months, they hibernate under logs.

Young: 1-2 eggs are laid at a time and buried in sand or soil.  Incubation period of between 68-101 days, hatchlings reach sexual maturity around 11 years of age.  Females continue to grow until 18 years of age.

Lifespan: 20-50 years.

Conservation Status: Endangered, prized as food – they are even sold in some supermarkets on the fish counter – these animals are being eaten towards extinction.

?Animal profiles

House Name Tammy
Age 5 years old (2012)
Sex Female
Place of Birth Germany
Arrival at DMP October 2016 from Sparsholt College
Personal Face Enjoys creating burrows



House Name Tommy
Age 5 years old (2012)
Sex Male
Place of Birth Germany
When arrived at DMP October 2016 from Sparsholt College
Personal Face Has a love/hate relationship with Tammy




Yellow-Margined Box Turtle