The Haunted Manor for Scaredy Cats!

The Haunted Manor for Scaredy Cats!

There’s frightful fun for everyone at The Haunted Manor – even scaredy cats! We’ve put together these handy tips for those looking to push themselves a bit further this Halloween. From haunted houses to clowns terrorising the neighbourhood, we’re here to give you all the info you need to enjoy The Haunted Manor if you’re looking for more delights than frights.

Laugh and Scream!
There’s plenty of both frights and delights at The Haunted Manor. Laughter is a really great way to take the edge off if you’re scared – it might help to know that there will be lighter moments as well as the spooks!

Rides in the Dark

Start with Scare Zones
If it’s your first time trying out Halloween spooks and scares with live actors, our scare zones are a perfect place to begin! Our scare zones are completely free-flowing areas, meaning that there’s no set route you need to follow, meaning that you can spend as much or as little time as you like in them.

Vikings Ragnarok

It gets Spookier at Night!
Our scare zones open at 4:15pm, so there’s plenty of time for you to try them out in the light before darkness falls and it’s easier for our scare actors to hide in the shadows and give you a fright! Even better, if you try the scare zones and you like them, you have all evening to explore the other scare attractions!

Chaos Cove

Check What’s Right for You
All of our attractions have a handy pumpkin rating, allowing you to see at a glance which of our attractions are right for you. They range from one pumpkin (not scary at all), up to three (seriously spooky) to help you decide what you’re comfortable with. Our scariest three pumpkin attractions are recommended for ages 10+.

Pumpkin Rating

Avoid the scares entirely!
Still not sure? All of the attractions with live actors at The Haunted Manor can be easily avoided. Just follow our Scare Free Routes and you can miss the scares entirely, while still enjoying our the spooktacular fireworks finale, rides in the dark, along with all of the spooky fun available during the day.