Guests with Additional Needs

Please note, our Easy Access system is currently being reviewed and updated.

As a member of the British Association of Leisure Parks, Piers and Attractions (BALPPA), we welcome visits by guests with additional needs. We will do everything possible to ensure our guests have a safe and pleasurable day out with us.

Please note, certain rides and attractions within our park are physically demanding; therefore, we reserve the right to refuse admission to any ride or attraction should we feel there may be a risk to your safety, or the safety of other participants. This will be based on our experienced assessment of rider ability to retain a safe riding position within the system of restraint or the risks to safe ride evacuation in the event of ride breakdown.

All of our rides have information boards located at their main entrance, providing guests with information about the ride to help guests to decide whether or not a ride is suitable for them and members of their party. Our Ride Hosts are available to offer support to all guests and will do everything they can to help individuals access a ride, however, for everyone’s safety, they cannot help with lifting/transferring to and from wheelchairs.

If you have any questions at any point during your visit, please visit our Guest Services team for further information. The team are located opposite The Bounty Pirate Ship.

Accessible Toilets & Changing Rooms

Here at Drayton Manor Park, we are dedicated to ensuring all of our guests feel supported and catered for. Therefore, we have installed a brand-new Hoist Room. This brand-new room consists of a toilet, a wash hand basin, a shower, a hydraulic bed and a hoist. Most importantly the room is spacious enough to provide ample room for carers and is located behind the First Aid department. The electronic hoist is easy to use with a foot pedal to pump it up to its maximum level above waist height and the environment surrounding this area has been made easily accessible and wheelchair friendly. All the relevant support bars, as well as an emergency call rope, have been installed to ensure users can be supported at all times. Please note: Customers are asked to bring your own sling.

Access to Rides

Click here to see our full Access Guide.

We recognise that for some guests, accessing a ride via a conventional queue line can be challenging, either due to mobility issues or for example as a result of difficulties with everyday social interaction. For guests who are unable to enter a ride in the usual way, we do offer Access Bands which allow access to a ride via an alternative route (please note that this facility might not be available on all rides).

Access Bands allow the guest who is unable to use the conventional queue line to enter a ride via the ride’s exit gate.

Please note this is not a fast track pass, it is for ease of access only. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THERE WILL STILL BE AN ELEMENT OF QUEUING.

In addition, 1 carer of the guest’s party will be entitled to accompany the wearer of the Access Band onto a ride. A Carer Card will be issued alongside the Access Band allowing a maximum of 10 rides in any one day.

It is important that we carefully manage the issuing and use of Access Bands to ensure that the number of people using ride exit gates is kept to a minimum; 

During peak periods (Weekends/School Holidays) the below attractions will operate with timing restrictions for Easy Access Users. The Easy Access User will not be permitted to access the listed rides in less than 60-minute intervals between easy access service.

• Accelerator
• Apocalypse
• Jormungandr
• Loki
• Thor
• Jeremy Jets
• Wave Swinger
• Maelstrom
• Stormforce 10
• Troublesome Trucks
• Winston’s Whistle-Stop Tours
• The Bounty Pirate Ship
• Sodor Railway

Easy Access timing restrictions do not apply to any other attractions and can be enjoyed by visiting the exit queue line at any time throughout the day; please note, there will still be an element of queuing with all attractions.

Any guests who may have limitations onto our attractions are advised to visit Guest Services when they arrive at the park. This will enable us to undertake a full personal ride assessment.

Important Information

Stormforce 10 and Shockwave

Any guests wishing to ride both attractions will need to be able to exit the vehicles whilst on an incline, this may involve a full body harness to be worn before making their way down the evacuation stairs. Please note, both attractions operate at a height.

Easy Access Eligibility

In order to qualify for an Easy Access Band and accompanying Easy Access Card, one of the below needs to be presented at guest services.

• Confirmation of receipt of Personal Independent Payment/ an Attendance Allowance award letter confirming receipt of the higher rate mobility component
• A current and valid Blue Badge
• Nimbus Access Card
• A letter of diagnosis from a GP or Hospital Consultant stating why you are eligible for the service (presented on headed paper). All letters need to be dated within one year of visit. (Equivalent documentation from guests visiting from outside the UK will also be accepted).

The provision of any special access facilities is entirely at the discretion.

Guidance for Guests with Missing Limbs

Please refer to our Safety Guidance for Guests with Missing Limbs. All guests with missing limbs should visit guest services for a confidential and personal review with a member of the rides’ management team. Guests with missing limbs will be issued with tailored guidance on each individual attraction which will form their own personalised Easy Access Card.

If you have any questions you can contact our team by filling in our enquiry form on our contact page.