To enhance your experience and enjoyment of the park, please note that this ride is currently undergoing essential maintenance and is not available at this time.

You're out at sea and a huge storm is building on the horizon, threatening to send your boat on a wild, white-knuckle ride like no other. Your mission? To survive Stormforce 10, a heart-stopping, three-drop water ride with a twist that will thrill any adrenalin junkie.

The journey begins with a drop that sends you into the heart of Stormforce 10. Hold on as you weather the storm and face another plunge, which you experience backwards, before finally reaching the last peak, ready for the third stomach-churning drop. 

One thing's for sure: Stormforce 10 might be the wildest ride of your life.


Year of opening: 1999

Maximum ride capacity: 136 (17 boats of 8)


Guests are advised to cover any casts to prevent them from getting wet.


Height Restrictions: 1.2 minimum