Rocking Bulstrode

Rocking Bulstrode

Bulstrode the barge is one of Thomas' many friends, and now you can enjoy a rocking adventure with him! In this exciting ride, Bulstrode rocks up and down a 'U' shaped track, spinning in circles as he goes. This unusual ride is a must-visit for visitors to Thomas Land who are ready to try something new. As Bulstrode spins around, going up and down the track, you won't know which way you're facing - but you will want to ride it again and again!

Join Bulstrode for a rocking ride that young adventurers and adults alike will enjoy. To ride Rockin Bulstrode, visit Thomas Land today!


Year of opening: 2008
Ride Capacity: 24 (1 adult per row)

Minimum height restriction graphic Height Restrictions: Guests under 1.05m must be accompanied by an adult.
Heart Problems Recent surgery or existing conditions Back or Neck Problems
No smoking symbol which features a cigarette inside a circle with a diagonal line through it. Red burger and drinks cup inside a circle with a cross next to them. No expectant mothers
Motion Sickness