Winston's Whistle-Stop Tours

Winston's Whistle-Stop Tours

If you're looking for the perfect way to explore the sights of Thomas Land, come for a ride with Winston's Whistlestop Tours.

Each car, which holds up to four people, completes a circuit on an elevated track which goes above and around the attractions in Thomas Land. Enjoy this gently-paced ride with the whole family, and let Winston take you on an exciting whistlestop tour of the Island of Sodor! A great ride for young ones that aren’t quite ready for the big rides, Winston's Whistlestop Tours are not to be missed on your visit to Thomas Land.


Year of opening: 2013
Ride Capacity: 28 (7 cars of 4)

Minimum height graphic Height Restrictions: Guests under 1.05m must be accompanied by an adult.
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No expectant mothers Fear of Heights