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Sun Conure

About the Sun Conure

The Sun Conure is native to northeastern South America, including Venezuela, northern Brazil, and Guyana. Found mostly in inland tropical habitats, the Sun Conure also may inhabit dry savanna woodlands and coastal forests. They usually inhabit fruiting trees and palm groves. These birds are not highly social but pairs and small groups may be seen feeding in the treetops together. 

Sun conures have golden feathers with green wing tips and their lower beak is tinged with red. Younger birds appear more olive green. A Sun Conure is bright orange and yellow with traces of green and blue. Juvenile Sun Conures are not nearly as colourful as adults—this is a natural defense mechanism. Sun Conures have a tendency to spend long periods of time in their nest, even after breeding season.

Did you know?

For medium sized birds, they are very loud! Sun Conures possess an ear-piercing call which can be heard for miles. This helps the birds locate one another throughout their habitat whilst foraging for food.