Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman is an exciting, family-friendly ride that will send you sailing through the air! Climb into one of our beautiful gondolas, your very own flying ship, and hold on as you are raised into to air. The adventure begins when the ride starts to rotate, faster and faster, until your ship swings outwards - you really will be flying!

This gentle nautical-themed adventure is great fun for everyone, young or old.


Year of opening: 1983

Minimum height restriction graphic Height Restrictions: Children under 1.0m must be accompanied by an adult.
No smoking symbol which features a cigarette inside a circle with a diagonal line through it. Recent surgery or existing conditions A red heart which has begun to be torn at the top No neck or back problems graphic
Red burger and drinks cup inside a circle with a cross next to them. Expectant Mothers Motion sickness graphic