Dodgems Ahoy

This classic fairground ride is a permanent fixture at Drayton Manor Park, where guests can take the wheel and drive at full speed ahead. Jump into one of 23 cars, put your foot on the accelerator, and try to drive without bumping into anyone else - easier said than done!

This brilliant attraction is fun for all ages. If you fancy hopping into the front seat for a madcap, family-friendly, high energy spin, come and visit our dodgems!

Ride Facts:

  • Opened in 1986
  • Refurbished in 1991
  • Maximum capacity of 46


  • Minimum height of 1.2m if accompanied by an adult.
  • Minimum height of 1.45m if unaccompanied by an adult.
  • All guests must sit seperately regardless of height.
  • No smoking.
  • No food and drink.

Do not ride if you:

  • Are an expectant mother.
  • Have recent medical conditions.
  • Have heart problems.
  • Have plaster casts.
  • Have back or neck problems.

Ride type

Ride type

Family Rides


For guests 1.2m and over


For guests 1.3m and over


For guests 1.4m and over