Jeremy Jet's Flying Academy

Jeremy Jet's Flying Academy

Join Jeremy Jet at his very own flying academy in Thomas Land. Jeremy Jet's Flying Academy is a gently-paced but exciting ride for younger visitors. Climb into one of Jeremy's planes, which hold up to four people, and take off into the air as the ride gently rotates and the planes go up and down.

To add to the fun, each plane is controlled by its own button, which guests can press to make the plane lift up when they want! The planes are open-topped, so you will have a wonderful view of Thomas Land and everyone waving below. Jeremy Jet's Flying Academy is located by Sodor Airport, where you can relax after your fun flight through the air - although you might want to ride with Jeremy more than once!

Young visitors will love controlling their own plane as it gently flies through the air, making this ride a must-visit for all aspiring pilots and mini adventurers. If you feel like going for a spin in the sky, visit Jeremy Jet's Flying Academy today!


Year of opening: 2008
Maximum Ride Capacity: 36 (9 planes of 4) ONLY 2 adults per plane.

Minimum height restriction graphic Height Restrictions: Guests under 1.2m must be accompanied by an adult.
No smoking symbol which features a cigarette inside a circle with a diagonal line through it. Recent surgery or existing conditions Back or Neck problems
Heart Problems Red burger and drinks cup inside a circle with a cross next to them. No expectant mothers
Fear of Heights