IUCN red list status:
Least Concern

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Prevosts Squirrel

About the Prevosts Squirrel

These mammals are found in lowland forests, cultivated areas and gardens of southeast Asian countries. Prevost's squirrels are tri-coloured; the top of the head, back, and tail are jet-black or brown, the underparts are reddish-brown, and a white line separates the two colors. They have an ear-piercing whistle, which may be used for locating or warning other squirrels. They also use their tail as a flag to communicate social signals. 

Most of the Prevosts squirrel’s activity occurs around dusk and dawn. During this time, they will forage in groups. At night they rest in hollows in trees or on tree branches in nests built of leaves and twigs. They wrap their tails around them at night for warmth. Unlike ground squirrels, tree squirrels do not hibernate.

Did you know?

Their bushy tail helps them balance while navigating through trees. The scientific part of their name Callosciurus’ means ‘beautiful squirrel’.