IUCN red list status:
Least Concern

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Northern Tree Shrew

About the Northern Tree Shrew

The Northern Tree Shrew is a brown coloured mammal with short, furless ears and a large, wet nose. This animal is very similar to long nosed squirrels as well as some of the earliest mammals. Its eyes are large, dark and lashless. Their long, bushy tail is curved upwards. These animals are excellent climbers due to the sharp nails and naked pads on their feet.

These mostly tree-dwelling animals are unusual among small mammals because they are active by day. Tree shrews are very nervous, inquisitive, and generally aggressive animals. Living in pairs, they will vigorously defend their territory against other shrews. They are extremely active and have alternating periods of foraging and resting every hour or so throughout the day

Did you know?

Tree Shrews lack whiskers, so they must rely on their vision, smell and hearing to detect prey.