Harold's Helicopter Tours

Harold's Helicopter Tours

Thomas Land isn't just about trains - Harold the helicopter is ready to have some fun as well! Join Harold on one of his famous helicopter tours, climbing into your very own helicopter and going on an adventure with Thomas' flying friend.

In this gentle ride for younger visitors, guests sit in a helicopter of up to four people. The helicopters gently lift up to the top of the tower, rotating slowly so you can see the whole of Thomas Land before coming back down to the ground.

This fun, family-friendly ride is perfect for younger guests, and as there are four seats in each helicopter, parents and children can enjoy a gentle spin on Harold's Helicopter Tours together. If you're a budding aviator, helicopter pilot, or adventurer, then this fun ride is just right for you - so pay Harold a visit today!


Year of opening: 2008
Maximum Ride Capacity: 32 (8 helicopters of 4) ONLY 2 adults per helicopter

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Height Restrictions: Guests under 1.05m must be accompanied by an adult.

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