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Blue-Throated Conure

About the Blue-Throated Conure

Unlike other South American parrots, the Blue Throated Conure is found only in Brazil. Their population is broken in fragments all over the country, and they are considered a vulnerable species. They love to nest in humid forests in the lowlands, and sometimes nest high in the tree canopy. 

These are relatively small parrots, sharing several traits with other conures. The adults reach an average length of up to 12 inches, but most of their size is reserved for the substantially long tail feathers. Other iconic features are their curved, sharp beak, sleek head shape and slightly ruffled feathers.

Did you know?

Blue-Throated Conures are known by many names including; Blue-Throated Parakeets, Red-Rumped Conures, Red-Eared Conures or even Ochre-Masked Conures.